Recipe and Story Contest

The9th SoySauce Recipe & Story Contest: Calling for All Recipes that Feature SoySauce!

Submission Guidelines


Please send in an original recipe that uses soy source, based on a dish of your country.
Or put in your original recipe that uses soy source, based on Washoku (traditional Japanese cuisine) you have learned in Japan or a dish you feel tasty in Japan.
Please attach a short essay or a picture describing your personal feelings or episode for the recipe.

2.Eligibility Requirements

Citizens of foreign countries who live in Japan. (Naturalized Japanese citizens may also apply.)
Individuals who can communicate in Japanese or English.
Individuals who are able to attend the contest’s final review in late July or early August and are able to cook (unassisted), and who are able to attend the award ceremony on September 29.

3.Submission Method

  1. Please fill out the application form.
  2. The application form may be filled out in Japanese or English.
  3. Please be sure to write the name of your dish.
  4. Please concisely list the steps required to make your recipe.
  5. Recipes should be for four people.
  6. Ingredients should be easily purchasable in Japan.
  7. Please present a story or memories regarding your recipe on an attached piece of paper roughly the size of a postcard. (Contestants are free to choose how they express themselves: drawing, writing, etc.)
  8. Please be sure to attach a picture of your completed dish.
  9. Submitted recipes cannot have been published in a cookbook, on a recipe website, etc.
  10. Your recipe must be able to be completed within one hour.

4.Submission Deadline

Submissions must be postmarked by Wednesday, May 31st, 2017.


  • Gold(1): Plaque and Bonus Prize (¥100,000)
  • Silver(2): Plaque and Bonus Prize (¥50,000)
  • Bronze(7): Plaque and Bonus Prize (¥30,000)

6.Review Method

First Review Board (Document review) : Planned for the end of June.
A review of submitted documents by five food journalists. Those who pass the first review will be contacted and informed that they have passed. Only those who pass the first review board will be contacted (in the beginning of July).

Final Review (Cooking review) : Planned for the late July or early August.
Those who pass the first review will be asked to come to a review venue (a kitchen studio) in Tokyo, where they themselves will prepare the recipe they have submitted.
A review panel comprised of cooking experts and so on will watch each individual prepare his or her dish, and then taste and review it. Winners will be contacted at a later date after the conclusion of the review.

7.Review Panel(Planned)

・Yukio Hattori (President, Hattori Nutrition College)
・Remi Hirano (Food Devotee and Chanson Singer)
・Akiko Watanabe (Cooking Expert)
・Kou Iimura (Executive Chef, Royal Park Hotel)

8.Announcement of Winners

The winners will be announced on Friday, September 29th, 2017 at the "Soy Sauce Day Gathering,"
and the Gold and Silver Prize winners will be awarded.
We will publish a pamphlet featuring the winning recipes.

Submission Method

Online Entry:
Use the ‘Online Entry Form’ button on this page and follow the instructions.

Mail Entry:
Download the Entry Form. Fill in the relevant details and attach a photo of your completed dish. Mail the completed form to the contest desk address shown below. The entry form may be hand-written or printed.

Online Entry Form

Download Entry Form (Excel sheet)

Download Entry Form (PDF for print-out and posting)

Submission Address
3-11 Nihonbashi-Koamicho
Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Japan 103-0016

〒103-0016 東京都中央区日本橋小網町3-11

  • Entries will not be returned.
  • Only individuals who have passed the first review will be contacted.
  • Rights to submissions (copyright, right of use, etc.) will be held by the Japan Soy Sauce Association.
  • One person may submit multiple recipes.
  • Personal information will not be used for any purpose besides this contest.
  • The entry should be an original recipe by the submitter which has not been published in a cookbook or on a recipe website. In the unlikely event of trouble (for example, a third party claiming that their rights have been infringed), the Japan Soy Sauce Association cannot be held responsible.
  • Travel expenses to the final review and to the award ceremony will be borne by the Association, as stipulated in its rules.
  • The only languages supported at the final review and at the award ceremony will be Japanese and/or English.


TEL 03-3666-3286(月~金 10:00~17:00)
FAX 03-3667-2216
※ Available only in Japanese language.  対応は、日本語のみとなります